Vocational Training

For many secondary school leavers who are unable to progress to Advanced Level education and university, vocational training provides young people with the best chance to succeed in life.


Vocational training combines theory and practical skills in a specific career or industry. In Tanzania, this includes some healthcare professions such as nursing and dispensing.Unfortunately there are few state funded vocational colleges in Tanzania – the vast majority are private providers and are unaffordable for the most needy families. Sponsorship offers the only route to a future.Kijana Kwanza sponsors students to undertake vocational training in a wide-range of subjects at local colleges, including Clinical Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, ICT, Nursing, Business Administration, Electronics, Electrical Installation, Tailoring, Journalism and Social Work.Alongside tuition fees, we meet all the living costs of students to ensure that they face no obstacle in performing to the best of their abilities. As part of our agreement with students, they must repay 10% of their gross income for 3 years after they graduate as a contribution towards the costs of training new students.