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Our waiting list of children and young people in need of sponsorship is growing. Can you provide the gift of education and learning for a child or young person in Tanzania?



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The vast majority of our support for children and young people is funding via direct donor sponsorship.We invite friends from the across the globe to sponsor a student and transform his/her life for the better. As a sponsor, you become part of your child or young person’s life story. They will write to you on a monthly basis and you will receive reports from staff on their progress and development.We offer a tiered sponsorship scheme across 5 programmes that reflect the different needs of children and young people in our care.Programme 1 – Education & Maintenance(£30/$40/Tsh. 80,000 per month)You will sponsor a child from a low-income family studying towards O-Level or A-Level examinations. The child will normally live with at least 1 parent in the community who is unable to meet the costs of providing for his/her child.Programme 2 – Fostered Child(£50/$65/Tsh. 140,000 per month)You will sponsor an orphan or abandoned child studying towards O-Level or A-Level examinations. The child will live as a fostered child, under the care of an extended member of the family or non-family member.Programme 3 – Youth Development(£70/$90/Tsh. 200,000 per month)You will sponsor a child who is either orphaned/abandoned, a former street child or a victim of abuse through secondary school up to O-Level or A-Level examinations. The child will live on-site at our shelter.Programme 4 – Apprenticeships & Vocational Training(starting from £125/$150/Tsh. 350,000 per month)You will sponsor a young person to either undertake an apprenticeship at a local business or attend college to study towards a vocational course, lasting up to 3 years.Programme 5 – Other Courses(enquire for cost)We occasionally sponsor children and young people who need to follow alternative education routes such as a special needs curriculum or the Qualifying Test (QT), which is an abridged version of the secondary school leaving exam.For more information regarding our student sponsorship programmes, what is included, and our current waiting list, refer to the documents at the top of the page.