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What we do

Our services and activities are focused on supporting children and young people holistically in order to give them the best chance to succeed in life.

Education and study

  • Shelter

    For children at most risk, our shelter in Moshi Town provides a safe and secure place to grow and flourish.

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  • Fostering

    We support a wide network of families providing foster care for disadvantaged children.

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  • Extra-Curricular Learning

    We put great emphasis on learning outside of the classroom, which includes developing soft skills that raise the self-esteem of children.

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  • Apprenticeships

    For young people who have never gone to school or were forced to drop out early, our apprenticeships offer training in practical skills at a local business.

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  • Vocational Training

    For many secondary school leavers who are unable to progress to Advanced Level education, vocational training provides young people with the best chance to succeed in life.

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  • Short Courses

    We deliver a range of short-courses to help children and young people take a step forward in life.

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Our events

Community Events

As a grassroots organisation, we provide regular opportunities for children and young people to learn, share ideas and have fun!

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Other activity

  • Study Cafe

    Our Study Café is open 7 days a week on a drop-in basis for children and young people who need a quiet place to study.

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  • Computer Classes

    We have a fully equipped computer room with 10 stations, an overhead projector, Wi-Fi access and printing facilities delivering basic and intermediate training in computer skills.

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  • English Classes

    Throughout the year, we offer children and young people opportunities for English conversation, facilitated by international volunteers and native speakers.

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  • Grants & Interest-Free Loans

    We provide financial assistance to children, young people and their families who are in need of emergency support or looking to set up a small business.

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  • Rural Microfinance

    We provide sustainable gifts of livestock to enable rural families to earn an income and support their children's education.

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  • Low-Rent Housing

    We provide high quality housing units to low-income families that enable them to live in dignity.

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  • Interfaith Work

    We encourage respect, understanding and tolerance amongst Tanzania's different faith communities.

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  • Local Development

    We invest in local infrastructure and facilities that support child and youth development.

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