We support a wide network of families providing foster care for disadvantaged children.


We recognise that most children, particularly those who have access to extended family or caring neighbours, are best looked after in the community as part of a foster family.

Our Social Welfare Officer and wider staff team oversee this area of grassroots work, recruiting and supporting foster parents and ensuring that the children placed in their care are safe and well-cared for.

To release the financial burden of fostering a child, we provide for all the schooling and essential needs of the child, and provide a monthly food parcel and toiletries for the whole family. Since some foster families live in poor quality housing and cannot afford basic household furniture, we are sometimes able to provide beds and mattresses, via our Grants Programme.

Our Social Worker visits every foster family on a monthly basis and is in regular communication with school teachers to ensure that any difficulties are quickly identified and resolved. Fostered children also attend our centre in Moshi Town on a monthly basis so that they have a neutral space to raise any concerns.

Where possible, we offer additional services to fostered children including revision classes, trips and excursions during the holidays.