For young people who have never gone to school or were forced to drop out early, our apprenticeships offer training in practical skills at a local business.


Many young people in Tanzania have never had the opportunity to finish school, and are left without any chance to succeed in life. Most will end up relying on subsistence farming or earning poverty wages hustling on the streets or for girls, in domestic service.An apprenticeship offers a young person the opportunity to learn a trade that in future can provide a regular income, whilst earning a wage at the same time. Apprenticeships are most suitable for young people who are unlikely to benefit from formal vocational training in a college setting and who cannot take time off to study – they need money to provide for their family and/or younger siblings.We offer apprenticeships in a range of industries including tailoring, welding, hairdressing, mechanics, carpentry and beauty therapy. Apprenticeships last up to 2 years after which successful and motivated candidates may apply for a grant or interest-free loan to set up their own small business.