Fundraise for Us

You too can help us support more children and young people in need. Learn more about how you can help fundraise for us.


Our services for vulnerable children and young people in Tanzania rely on friends across the globe who fundraise on our behalf. There are thousands more children and young people who need our help, but we need YOUR support to reach them.We are here to support you every step of the way to make your fundraising successful.Here are some ideas to get you started:On Your Own:1) Take up a personal challenge such as cycling, or running, as part of an organised event or you can make up your own. You can set up an online fundraising page here.2) Give whilst you shop online. Choose to support Kijana Kwanza using Amazon Smile or EasyFundraising. You can even donate by selling online with Ebay for Charities.3) Have a car to scrap? Contact Give a Car and they will arrange collection and disposal, and make a donation to Kijana Kwanza.With Friends and Family:1) Organise a mini-fundraiser at home by cooking a traditional Tanzanian meal and asking your guests to make a donation towards alleviating poverty in Tanzania.2) Run a digital appeal for a Kijana Kwanza project by setting up a fundraising page here and sharing the link with your friends and family via WhatsApp.

3) Get baking – everyone loves fresh cookies and cakes! Invite your friends to “order” a box of goodies in return for a small donation.

At My Local School:1) Celebrate Tanzanian culture by asking all your students (or teachers) to wear traditional African outfits for one day. Collect a small fee from all participants and donate towards the education of children in Tanzania.2) Organise a talent show or a sports tournament and invite students (and teachers!) to take part. You can charge a small fee to come and watch, and help us deliver extra-curricular learning to children in Tanzania.3) Prepare and serve a traditional Tanzanian school dinner and collect a small fee to feed children and young people in Tanzania.At Work:1) Set up a Tanzanian snack kiosk in your dining hall selling traditional foods such as maandazi, sambusa and kitumbua. You can find the recipes online. All funds will help alleviate food poverty in Tanzania.2) Ask your company to match an employee fundraising drive and collect donations to fund new school desks in Tanzanian schools.3) Reach out to your corporate partners and ask them to sponsor a low-rent housing unit for a family living in poor and unsanitary conditions.At My Local Church or Mosque:1) Encourage members of your congregation to sign up to sponsor a child or young person in Tanzania.2) Organise a bring and buy sale to fund interfaith social action projects in Tanzania.

3) Raise awareness of Kijana Kwanza by inviting us to meet your congregation via Zoom so that you can “meet” some of our local staff and young people.

In Memory:1) Set up a fundraising page here in memory of your loved one and ask family and friends to contribute to support children and young people in Tanzania.2) Come together as family and friends to dedicate classroom furniture, textbooks or even a science or computer lab in memory of the deceased.3) Leave a legacy in your will so that part of your estate will give children in Tanzania a better future.