Samwel’s Tour of a Cattle Ranch

Samwel is a sponsored vocational student at Kijana Kwanza, studying livestock management and animal husbandry. Here, he gives a tour of the college ranch and the different types of cattle on site.


Samwel comes from a traditional Maasai family of pastoralists. After his father passed away in 2019, his step-mother usurped his father’s land and cattle leaving him penniless and without any future.

Samwel represents a new generation of Masaai who are both passionate about their heritage, and recognise that their traditional occupation needs to reflect the scientific knowledge of the modern day.

Last year, Samwel was sponsored by Kijana Kwanza to undertake a vocational diploma in animal husbandry. Here he introduces the cattle on his college ranch (and what happens when you pull a cow’s tail!)