Panic Strikes

A maverick English teacher is spreading panic amongst the students.


Whilst our high school graduates await selection for advanced level education (Form 5 and Form 6, which precedes university), we have organised a busy schedule of additional learning including advanced English language skills with the indefatigable maverick, Teacher Mzungu.

Teacher Mzungu has set his first assignment, which according to the instructions must be submitted by email by no later than 9:00pm EAT. As the deadline approaches, panic strikes, as this is the first time the students have had to submit their work online – and they’ve not considered the inevitable delays.

Romana has forgotten the password to her email address.

Denis can’t seem to connect to the WiFi.

Riziki insists he’s sent his work, but with 1 minute to go, he realises that’s he’s misspelt the email address and the email has bounced back.

The clock is ticking, and Teacher Mzungu is looking on, adding to the pressure. Will they succeed? Or will they suffer? Last week, Juma had to write a 5,000 word essay on why tomatoes are tasty because he was late in submitting his homework.