A Boy Called Kipenseli

Hemedi (aka Kipenseli) is our latest apprentice, sponsored by Kijana Kwanza, to learn mechanics at a local garage in Moshi, Tanzania.


Few people know Hemedi’s real name. To almost everyone, he’s known affectionately as “Kipenseli” which roughly translates to mean “as short as a pencil” because of his humble stature.

He is the latest recruit to join Kijana Kwanza’s apprenticeship programme. Aimed at school leavers or early drop-outs, we offer young people aged 18+ years the chance to learn a skill on the job, and become financially independent in the future.

Kipenseli has started work at a local garage. As part of his apprenticeship, we fund his placement, training and tools and also provide him accommodation and meals at our youth hostel.