Yanga vs Coastal Union

Kijana Kwanza students attend their first live football match and the girls are making a lot of noise.


Yesterday, Kijana Kwanza students were in Arusha to watch Young Africans Sports Club (aka YANGA) and Coastal Union FC play in the final of the Azam Sports Federation Cup. (Simba fans stayed away in protest at not reaching the final).

After much shoving and pushing to enter the stadium, the 90-minute match ended in a 2-2 equaliser. With extra-time, both teams scored 1 more goal, leaving no clear winner. The anticipation unbearable! As the game moved to penalties, YANGA triumphed with a final penalty score of 4-2. Fans invaded the pitch, to the deafening sound of the vuvuzela, with security giving up to take control.